The Priest of Corruption

Cleric of Decay, Priest of Corruption, Priest of Decay, The Priest of Corruption, 腐敗司祭, 腐朽的祭司, 부패의 사제
The Priest of Corruption Color
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Not all job classes are created equal! Marnac was pulled into a game while trying to play as one of its worst job classes, cleric of decay. Now he’s the only cleric of the Order of Decay, serving a goddess who’s been reduced to an animated hand that repeats the word “MURDER!” Will the Order’s last cleric become powerful enough before the prophecy of “the end” comes true?The Priest of Corruption, Asura Scans, Asura Toon.

AuthorBori (III) Sadadm [Add, ]Senritz [Add, ]
ArtistYU (III)
SerializationNaver Webtoon (Naver)Naver Series (Naver)
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