Regressing with the King’s Power

Return to the King's Power, Return to the Power of the King, Returned by the King, 왕의 힘으로 회귀한다
Regressing with the King’s Power Color
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“I’ll eat all your skills!””F*ck this awakening bullshit.””To hell with being a loser.” Kim Taehyun, whose awakening level remains undetermined, was treated as a loser because he failed to awaken. However, he awakened his ability at the moment of his death when a gate was created which lead to the king. Afterwards, Taehyun, who has returned due to the power of the king, gains a new skill called Predation. Taehyun, a 35-year old male, regresses to when he was 19. [Skill has been devoured]. Using this power, I can be placed among the bestOriginal Novel:

AuthorAhn Soseol [Add, ]Seong Hyun [Add, ]
ArtistKIM [Add, ]
SerializationNaver Webtoon (Naver)Naver Series (Naver)
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