Magic Emperor

Demon Magic Emperor, Demonic Emperor, Housekeeper Is the Magic Emperor, How the Demon Emperor became a Butler, The Devil Butler, Mo Huang Da Guan Jia, The Servant Is the Demon King?!, The Steward Demonic Emperor
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Evil, bossy and relentless, he’s an authentic demon king!
He transmigrated into a ruthless housekeeper who is more merciless than the enemies! To steal the ancient demon emperor’s power from him, the devil king, Zhuo Yifan, was betrayed by the people he once trusted. After reincarnation, he lost his powers and was haunted by his inner demons, which left him no choice but to be a butler of the young lady from a declining family. Degraded from a devil king to a butler, how would he deal with this young lady and bring himself together with this declining family back to the pinnacle in this continent? (Magic Emperor)

AuthorWuer Manhua, Ye Xiao
ArtistWuer Manhua
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Chapter Magic Emperor


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